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Gull Lake Little League Safety Mission Statement

To provide a fun and safe Little League experience for all Gull Lake Little League players, Gull Lake Little League will:

  • Teach and require the best and current Little League safety practices
  • Improve the safety awareness of managers, coaches, players and parents
  • Train managers, coaches and all volunteers on first aid and AED/CPR
  • Inspect equipment for safety issues and upgrade to current standards
  • Continually monitor and strive to improve GLLL facility conditions  
  • Learn from past and current experiences of GLLL and other leagues in an effort to implement safety improvements
  • Encourage support for the improvement of all players and volunteers

Gull Lake Little League is committed to making safety a priority for all participants, volunteers and spectators.

ASAP Safety

Gull Lake Little League A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP)

To all GLLL Participants:

Each year, all Little Leagues must submit a Safety Manual (ASAP - A Safety Awareness Program) to Little League International (LLI). The purpose of this safety manual shall be to define and record the League's safety program and to develop and implement a plan for promoting the safety of activities, equipment and facilities through education, compliance and reporting. This safety manual will continue to serve as a template and provide the baseline for future year’s development and improvement of little league activities, thereby benefiting the youth and league as a whole by increasing the awareness of safety issues related to Little League.

Please review GLLL ASAP Safety Manual noting the following areas:

  • Introductory letters from GLLL Safety Officer and President
  • Safety Mission Statement and Safety Code
  • Safety Officer and Board of Director Responsibilities
  • 2019 Season and Future Safety and Other Improvements
  • Manager, Coach and Parent Responsibilities 
  • Emergency Contact List and Procedures
  • Facility and Equipment Safety Guidelines
  • Codes of Conduct and Zero-tolerance Policy
  • Coaches Fundamentals Training
  • Umpire Guidelines
  • First-aid Training and other Safety Information
  • Guidelines for Injury Prevention
  • Injury/Incident Reporting and Medical/Dental Claims information
  • Weather Policy and related information
In accordance, GLLL Board of Directors, Division Leaders and Committee Chairs (as applicable) believes that this Safety Program will benefit the league and promotes the importance of involving parents, players, emergency professionals and others in the community in the continuous development of this Safety Program and Plan. It shall be the policy of GLLL to provide an environment in which the risk of injury is reduced to the lowest possible level, via the application of it's published Safety Code. 

The importance of the Safety Program and Plan is identified according to the following LLI cited statistic. Since ASAP was implemented in 1994, injuries in all of Little League have decreased by ~80%. 

Furthermore, please note and remember that GLLL safety is and should be based on common sense. All GLLL participants, volunteers, spectators, and guests are responsible for helping create a safe environment for each another. Therefore, when at the Richland Township Park and baseball and softball fields, if you witness something that is unsafe, take the appropriate action. In addition, please think about safety issues and offer any idea(s) that could be implemented for this season or in the future, whether they might involve players and/or the facilities. GLLL will promote and encourage the support of all players, volunteers and parents.

Finally, it is the responsibility of GLLL Safety Officer for maintaining and overseeing the Safety Program, via the communication, application, and enforcement of the Safety Code. If you have any questions regarding the Safety Program/Plan or anything related to safety, please contact the Safety Officer or another Board member.


Paul Wargolet

GLLL Safety Officer 2019

MI District 2 Safety Officer 2019

Easton Ghost X 30/20 DECERTIFIED

On Thursday, May 3, USA Baseball informed youth organizations, including Little League, that effective immediately, the bat identified as the Easton Ghost X YBB18GX10 30/20 2 5/8" (or the "Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8" at retail) has been decertified by USA Baseball and is no longer an approved bat under the USABat Standard. This applies to the 30-inch drop 10 variation of the Easton Ghost X only. Pursuant to Rule 1.10, this is now an illegal bat. At the time of this decertification notice, all other lengths and drops of the Easton Ghost X bat remain approved for play.

All parents, coaches, and umpires must check their bats and remove these bats from play if they are in possession of these bats.

Any questions regarding returns, refunds, or warranty claims for the Easton Ghost X 30/20 should be directed to Easton at [email protected].

Please visit for more information.

Easton Ghost Decertified Bat

More information on how the USABat Standard impacts Little League can be found at

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you all for your attention to this matter.


Patrick Wilson

Patrick W. Wilson
Senior Vice President, Little League Baseball and Softball

Common Sense on Safety Posting

Your safety and the safety of our children is based on our common sense!

Each of us bears some responsibility for the safety of all children during Little League activities. If you witness any children in an unsafe situation, try to locate their guardians or coach to explain the unsafe situation. If you witness an unsafe condition, use the Activities/Reporting (ASAP Incident/Injury Tracking Report) form to record the condition and follow the steps to report. If you report the situation or incident to a GLLL Manager, Coach or Board Member, after hearing your concerns, they will be required to investigate the matter in question and notify the Safety Officer.

Remember: If you witness something that is not safe or an unsafe condition, take the appropriate action and encourage all volunteers and parents to do the same!

Note: This statement shall be posted at GLLL fields in prominent locations.

Weather Policy

The following policy was discussed and approved by the league presidents for the 2022 season.


Weather Policy

Practice/play is to be suspended if:

·Wind chill is 40 degrees or below.

·There is a thunderstorm or tornado warning in the county in which you are playing.

·If there is thunder heard or lightning seen play is to be suspended for 30 minutes. If subsequent thunder/lightning is heard or seen the 30-minute time period starts over. Players must exit the field and go to their cars.

·Play is not suspended for thunderstorm or tornado watches.

GLLL Wins 2018 ASAP Safety Award

President Colton Lenzinger and Safety Officer Paul Wargolet enjoyed a special week at the Little League Baseball World Series where they represented Gull Lake Little League in receiving an award for safety awareness.

Gull Lake Little League was one of 10 leagues around the country that received honors in the A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP), which, according to Little League’s announcement of the winners, “recognizes leagues that go above beyond with their ASAP plans each year.”

Representatives from the leagues that were recognized were honored at a luncheon Thursday, then again with ceremonies prior to Thursday’s U.S. elimination bracket final. The 2018 National winner was Chino American Little League.

Leagues that were honored for 2018 were: 
  • East Region: Glenburn (Maine) Little League, Plains (Pa.) Little League
  • Central Region: Grant County LL from Crittenden, KY; Gull Lake from Richland, Mich.
  • Southeast Region: Central Springfield (Va.) Little League and Greater West Melbourne (Fla.) Little League
  • West Region: High Plains from Falcon, Colo. and Three Rivers from Eagle, Colo.
  • Southwest Region: Chino American (Calif.) and Cupertino (Calif.)    

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