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Near the end of the season, parents will receive an email from the Little League if their child has been nominated to try out for the all star team. Nominations are done by the team manager and it is up to them to determine how many players they want to nominate. Nominations do not guarantee selection to an all star team.


2023 Gull Lake Little League Tournament (All-Star) Team Selection Process


As a league, Gull Lake Little League (GLLL) strives to make sure that the regular season offers as much opportunity to play and experience baseball and softball as possible. Our League has many different playing levels, each geared to accommodate players based on their age and ability of play.

The All-Star Season is a completely separate season from the regular season. It is an opportunity for a significantly higher level of play within the regional Little League system. Players will have a significantly higher level of commitment and will receive a higher level of instruction to compete against other All-Star teams.

When it comes to All-Star teams, it is the intent of the Gull Lake Little League Board to field a team that will best represent our league in competition and character. Several characteristics that are part of our selection process for players and managers for the All-Star teams:

       -          Skill-level and ability to compete

       -          Attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership, and

       -          Overall character, integrity, and sportsmanship


The number of teams and/or separate age divisions will depend largely on the interest and commitment of the kids and their parents as well as the availability of coaches. GLLL Board will establish the number of tournament teams by division/age group that will represent GLLL each year.


 · Tournament managers and coaches must declare their interest in a Tournament team appointment by submitting an application to the League Baseball VP or the League Softball VP.

· The Vice Presidents will submit the list of eligible candidates to the League President.

· Tournament managers are then selected by the League President from the applications received.

· Little League International states that tournament managers and coaches shall be regular season coaches from within the division they coached during the regular season; in the event a manager cannot be appointed from within a particular division an alternate may be selected from outside the regular division.

· Candidates may include coaches from other divisions or coaches that managed teams for GLLL in the past.

· Replacement coaches will be approved by the President and Board under these circumstances.

· Selected team manager will select two coaches after the players have been selected, provided that each coach is a rostered manager or coach during the regular season for the selected level and meets all other eligibility requirements. All coaches are pending League President approval.


·         At least (1) Board member will be present to oversee the All-Star evaluation process.

·         Each tournament team must roster 12 and no more than 14 players as stated in the Little League Rulebook. If a manager is prevented from adding 12 eligible players to the roster, a waiver will be requested by the League President and presented to the District Administrator for approval. Players are selected using the following process:

·         Player nomination – manager/head coach may nominate any number of players from their own team for the skills evaluation - nominations are based on skill, sportsmanship, attitude, and player statistics compiled by the regular season coach.

·         Head Coaches/Mangers will also have a “wild card” nominee where they will nominate (1) player from another team within the same division. If not already nominated, those players are also invited to attend the skills evaluation.

·         Players nominated by their coach will be evaluated by the Tournament Team Manager and could include the following: other regular season coaches in the division or other GLLL Board Members. The evaluation will consist of assessing batting, throwing, running, fielding, pitching and catching skills.

·         Each player being evaluated must wear a numbered label that is visible to the evaluators.

·         The evaluators will have a score card provided to them listing the players, their number, their regular season team and which positions the player is interested in playing. Each of the skills will be rated from 0 to 5 for each player.

·         Players must have participated in at least 8 of regular season games.

·         Players must meet the age and residency requirements as mandated by LLI.

·         Players must be present at the date and time of the Tournament team evaluation. Under extenuating circumstances the Board may vote to waive this requirement for a player, however all players must be evaluated in order to be selected to the Tournament team.

·         In summary, Tournament Team managers will select their teams based on regular season statistics, Tournament evaluations, coach recommendation, and player recommendation.

·         The tournament player rosters will be presented to the GLLL Board for review and final approval before being posted.

·         There will be a mandatory All Star parent meeting to collect paperwork, player fees and a brief informational meeting about All Stars.

·         It should be understood by the parents that when their son/daughter makes the Tournament team they are committing to participating in tournament play at a minimum of District level play, but could go to State, Regional, and beyond.

The player fee to participate on an All-Star team is $50.


Board Approved on: 4/23/2023 Board President: Kristin Brown

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